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Rights Based Organization

Kerio rights organization (KVRO) is a community-based organization founded and registered by a network of women volunteers in the year 2010 to promote human rights and access to quality health care services among girls, women, young people, LBQ women, and other marginalized and under-served communities.
The organization seeks to address Women's rights and health-related issues in Kenya through education, research, capacity building, and advocacy. Our main objective is to create resources and options, improve access to safe, affordable, and sustainable services, in partnership with key stakeholders. The organization focuses on five thematic areas broadly clustered into the following programs: Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Gender, Sexuality and Identity; Advocacy, and Organizational Capacity Strengthening. The organization embraces a strong value system that respects gender sensitivity and human rights. It cherishes partnerships and collaboration in the implementation of programs and developing skills of its members in legal and policy advocacy to raise awareness on issues ranging from health rights, sexuality, and non-discrimination.

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Gender, Sexuality, and Identity.

  1. Gender and Women Rights

  2. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

  3. Sexuality and Non-Discrimination


Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

  1. Safe and legal Abortion Advocacy

  2. Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

  3. Prevention and Management of STIs and HIV/AIDs



  1.  Non-discriminatory and Inclusive policies

  2. Media Engagement 

  3. Social Policy



1. Organizational Policies.

2. Leadership and Governance.

3. Resource Mobilization, Networking, and Advocacy.

4. Financial Management.

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An Empowered and Healthy Community

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To promote access to safe, affordable, and sustainable health services with a special focus on girls, women, and young people, marginalized, and socially excluded communities through community-based programming, education, capacity building, advocacy, and research. 

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